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Easy and secure Billing & Accounting PC software for Small Businesses, Retailers, Wholesalers, Distributers, Freelancers, Service Providers.

Professional GST invoices

Create beautiful invoice & print invoices. Share this Professional GST invoice with your client using this best easy to useGST billing & accounting software. Choose from best invoice templates. Also you can add your business logo on your invoices to look more professional. You can also use as point of sale (POS).

Sale Management

Kendra billing & Accounting software allows you to generate both GST/Non-GST invoices. You can easily add any number of items with different GST rates in same invoice.Wook comes with multi-size invoice templates which allow you to generate A4, A5, & PoS receipt size invoices. Our software allows managing your credit sales and keeps your overall credit exposure in check which reduces loss and risk. Our billing software generates detailed report of profit and loss.

Purchase Management

Kendra billing & Accounting software allows you to keep record of your purchases and manage your Stock/inventory. You can also add item barcode or serial numberwhile entering purchase bill. Also you can manage purchase returns. Kendra GST & Accounting billing software allows you to manage supplier / vendor accounts easily. Also it helps to manage your Purchase Payments and account adjustments.

Stock/Inventory Management

With Kendra billing and accounting software, you can easily manage your Stock/ Inventory. You can see your stock status live, Get low-stock alerts and getdetailed information about your inventory. With wook you can track complete stock quantity and stock value with detailed information. Wook helps you keep your stock control using its inventory management system while you are doing your billing and purchases.

Client Management

Our Software helps in managing client accounts and keeps track of payments, adjustments, and sales. It’s allows you to set credit limit of customer.Client payment mode like Cash, cheque, Bank Transfer, and Mobile Wallet payments can be added easily. Also previous payments and adjustments can be modified.

Staff/Employee Management

With the help of wook billing & accounting software you can easily manage salary of your employees. You can easily check advance salary, reports and staff details.reports and staff details.


Make Quotation, turn them to billsMulti-size Invoices (A4, A5, POS)Point of Sale (POS) BillingBarcode generatorWhatsapp / Email
With the help of our Kendra  billing software you can easily make Quotation / Estimates and convert into sale invoice. This feature save your time & create good impression of your business on your customer with Professional EstimatesOur Kendra  billing supports multiple invoice print sizes like A4, A5, and PoS receipts. Kendra  allow dual mode of printing section, you can print direct invoice and print with preview.Kendra  billing and accounting software allows you to create point of sale (POS) billing with easiest way. You can easily add thermal printer with different size of paper roll (58mm, 78mm, 88mm) also you can add custom paper role size.GST billing & accounting software is capable of generating barcode easily in multiple sizes and All plug n play barcode scanners and devices are supported for faster billing.billing software provides you easy way to send invoice to your customer on email & WhatsApp. This feature will save your time. Also it provides you option to send information email and WhatsApp to your clients and vendors.
Business ReportsGST ReportsAuto Backup / Restore Your DataItem Import from ExcelDedicated & Free Support
With Kendra  software you easily check your business growth. Kendra  Reports that include analyzed your business trends with sales & purchase, Stock values, expanses, payment IN, Payment OUT, expected payments, late-paying customers and other trends. Also check your balance sheet, Loss – profit statement and other business reports.If GST is applicable to your business, Kendra  billing software made your work simpler and faster. Kendra  Generate all types of GST Tax Reports with respect to the goods and service tax laws like GSTR1, GSTR2, GSTR3 and GSTR9 for instant tax invoice filing & avoid penalties. Using this invoicing Software, you can easily generate your GST tax reports in no time.Our software provides you easiest way to backup your data; you can easily set Auto Backup Mode to save your data. And restore your data as your requirement.Kendra  provides you option to import bulk data from excel file. You can easily upload / import bulk products, client list, and vendor list.We have dedicated support. You can easily connect to us. We provide you phone support, WhatsApp support, Email support and for technical support Remote Desktop.

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